We are Ashri

Ashri Boutique was born from an idea by Jessica Tirico, an expert in the fashion world. For several years, she has been involved in the commercial development of emerging brands both nationally and internationally. This career has led her to travel and be present in the main fashion capitals, where the most important events in the industry take place, setting the stage for new trends.

Originally from Tuscany, her international career has taken her to live in various cities such as Berlin and then Lugano.

It is in Switzerland where Jessica decides to settle down and put down roots.

From this wealth of valuable experience comes the idea to create a new concept that is more than an ordinary boutique:

"How to dress" and "How I feel", which means dressing not just at the physical appearance level but also at the deeper, inner self level.

Each piece is special and has a clear mission: to bring energy and joy.

Ashri is a journey through colors, continuous inspiration, and a flow of creativity that also involves local artisans, designers, and most importantly, "good vibes".

Ashri is a journey to sisterhood

Ashri is designed to be the store for the new generation that embraces a fresh vision of life where not only selected clothing and accessories reign supreme but also inspirational illustrations, stones, and bohemian-style jewelry.

Ashri is the place where the community becomes part of the journey and serves as a meeting point among customers, artisans, suppliers, and friends who have something to say, uniting and inspiring dreams.

It's the atmosphere of joy that the boutique offers.

Every encounter is not by chance, as everything is energy.

Let's take each other by the hand and grow together on this wonderful journey, allowing ourselves to be guided and inspired more and more each day.