“RAM DAS Collection” by ASHRI

The RAM DAS Collection is ASHRI's new unisex capsule, conceived as a tribute to the Divine Masculine and Feminine.

The name is inspired by one of the greatest Yogis and Gurus, Guru Ram Das, also known as the great Guru of infinite miracles and blessings.

The illustration for this collection, exclusively designed for Ashri by illustrator Barbara Ortelli, is a reinterpretation of the Eye of Horus, an amulet originating from ancient Egypt symbolizing powerful protection, prosperity, royal power, and good health.

Thus, this collection reminds us of the vastness of the infinite miracles that are part of our daily lives and our inner divine strength.

This collection aims to be not just ordinary clothing, but an amulet infused with great energy.

A stunning selection of hoodies, t-shirts, and embroidered caps with contrasting colors that will captivate you.

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