We are all Goddess - Siamo tutte Dee

This collection is born as a tribute to the divine feminine power and is dedicated with love to all the women of the world.

As subjects, I have chosen 5 Goddess, and each of them communicates an important message; furthermore, they are all represented in a fresh and contemporary style.

Why specifically GODDESS as subjects?

Goddess worship dates back more than 20,000 years, and it seems that their worship dates back to the Paleolithic era.

The Goddess represents feminine creation and the connection between body and spirituality, reminding us that all of this is within each of us, allowing us to connect with our true essence.

This collection aims to pay homage to the great creative power of every woman, reminding us of the strength to step out of our comfort zone and strive to achieve our dreams using the "powers" that are already within us, as each goddess teaches us.


It's time to get to know our GODDESS:


ISIS GODDESS: "STAY IN YOUR POWER" is also known as the "Great Mother," a revered goddess in ancient Egypt and beyond, considered the goddess of magic, fertility, and motherhood. Goddess Isis is the epitome of the great divine feminine creative force and intuition.

The greatest creative force is within you. Listen to your intuition!

With this message, Isis reminds you of how the true strength and power to achieve what we want is within us. Bring forth your divine feminine creativity and put it into action to change the frequency of the world and be the most beautiful version of yourself.


HATHOR GODDESS: "SHARE LOVE" Hathor is considered the goddess of the sky, joy, and Love. In ancient Egypt, she was considered the protector of women and queens.

Put Love into everything you do and let the world feel it!

Her message reminds you how important it is to share Love in a broader sense, not only with those we love and towards ourselves, but to share it in every action we take towards anything or anyone, towards our work, and what we are. The world needs Love and Kindness.


VENUS GODDESS: COURAGE TO BLOSSOM Venus is one of the most important Roman goddesses associated with beauty, love, and fertility.

Have the courage to step out of your Comfort zone and reach for your dreams!

Her message reminds us how each of us is here to blossom, find fulfillment, and great success by unleashing our hidden potential by stepping out of our "Comfort zone." Let yourself be guided by the Love you feel inside for what you do and become the most beautiful flower in a beautiful spring.


LAKSHMI GODDESS: EMBRACE ABUNDANCE Lakshmi is the greatest Hindu goddess of abundance, wisdom, and light.

Embrace abundance and welcome it from the little things that make you happy to the great daily miracles. You are here to shine!



KUAN YIN GODDESS: BEAUTY IS WITHIN YOU Kuan Yin is a Chinese Buddhist deity, considered the great goddess of Compassion. She listens to and answers every prayer sent to her.


Beauty is all within you, blossoming like a lotus flower thanks to your kindness!


Her message reminds us how important it is to connect with ourselves, listen to ourselves, feel ourselves... overcome our limits, and aspire to greatness with kindness.


We Are All Goddess.. Carry these messages into your daily life and remember your immense divine power.

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